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Formula 1 Event Results

Fun experimentation with external assets, layout and ChatGPT

This was refreshing!

I wanted to see if I could emulate some of the functionality of the website and add a descriptive element by experimenting with Python, Power Automate and OpenAI's API.

Wikipedia has an event report for each race, most of the time these are arranged in a standard format with headers such as "Background", "Qualifying", "Race" etc. There are other significant events which garner their own heading such as the coronavirus pandemic and cancellations of events due to flooding.

A python script was written to extract these sections for later use as an information source.

Once the data was collected, I experimented with the HTTP action in Power Automate to pass the data along with a prompt to OpenAI's API, the output was then saved to a sharepoint list which could then be added as a data source in Power BI.

Power Automate Flow.png

The generated summary was the joined to the data provided by

With some additional table joining and assets provided by both and wikipedia, the above results dashboard is the result.

Formula 1 is a bit of a passion for me so I'll surely be producing more visuals around this dataset.

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