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With a foundation in engineering and a keen eye for data analytics, I've carved a niche in the realm of workforce analytics. Over the years, I've honed my skills in translating complex datasets into strategic insights, helping organizations understand their greatest asset - their people.

Engineering the Future of Workforce Analytics

My educational background in Electrical, Mechanical & Electronic Engineering laid the groundwork for a disciplined approach to problem-solving. Transitioning to HR Operations, I've applied this analytical rigor to the human side of the businesses I've worked with.

Bridging Data with Decision-Making

In my current role as a Workforce Analytics Leader, I’m deeply involved in developing and leading people analytics projects. My goal is simple: deliver meaningful insights that drive business value. By developing BI tools, I democratize workforce data, enabling informed decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Commitment to Clarity and Impact

I believe in clear communication and actionable analytics. With experience in multiple analytics platforms and programming languages, my focus is on creating robust analytics solutions. From operational planning to strategic foresight, I strive to provide the HR function with the tools and insights necessary for a forward-thinking workforce strategy.

A Personal Note

Outside of work, I'm as much about exploration and detail as I am about numbers. Whether it's tackling a new model kit, travelling to a new destination or delving into the latest analytics innovations, I bring the same enthusiasm to learning and growth, both professionally and personally.

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