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My career path has been one of continuous progression, leading me to my current role as an accomplished Workforce Analytics Leader. My journey from data enthusiast to analytics expert has been marked by a relentless pursuit of clarity and innovation. I have a proven track record of spearheading impactful people analytics projects and pioneering BI tools that drive data-driven decision-making. With a strong commitment to achieving strategic objectives and delivering tangible results, my career has been a testament to the value of analytics in shaping organizational success.


December 2021 - present

My current role is dedicated towards HR data sciences, specific initiatives and programs that drive action from the user. My prior efforts have inspired a centralised HR reporting program across the entirety of Danaher, whilst this has offloaded standard workload, it is allowing me to be experimental in pinpointing and meeting stakeholders needs.

Key achievements

Implemented Candidate, Application and Requisition analytics to improve speed and viability.

Implemented DE&I analytics to, among other topics, investigate options to meet and viability of corporate representation targets.

Utilising existing data warehouse for process automation including Onboarding, Employee Engagement and SOx Compliance.


April 2017 - December 2021

This role further developed both the technological capability and the end user skillset in regards to self-service analytics. Of primary focus was progression from delivering the numbers to including delivered insights.

Key achievements

Migrated HR data from SuccessFactors Employee Central to Workday as part of Danaher's HR system centralisation initiative.

Implemented and maintained the full-stack of ETL, data warehousing and data visualisation methodology and toolsets.

Created and further developed a reporting and analytics suite for HR data within Power BI.

Expanded beyond Pall, delivered the reporting and analytics suite to all Life Sciences operating companies within Danaher.


April 2012 - April 2017

This role focussed on steady progression of the HR department and business leader's interaction with data, reducing time to access and increasing the influence of such data on business decisions.

Key achievements

Progressed data distribution and reporting from raw SAP HCM extracts to summarised and annotated reports.

Implemented SuccessFactors Employee Central and migrated HR data from SAP HCM.

Implemented self-service reporting within SuccessFactors.

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