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Company Structure Design

Org Chart:

Here, I will be building out Globocom as of the start of it's expansion, as such it is relatively compact in terms of worker count and hierarchical spread. Below, I illustrate the org chart that will be implemented:

Cost Centre Structure:

As this is a fictitious company, there is no existing cost centre structure to implement. As a starting point, cost centres will be created for each Head and Director, these can be split by location, function, product etc for subordinate workers as and when called for.


Since we are joining Globocom at the start of their expansion, we have only their two initial US locations to worry about. I have attempted to select vacant areas that are suitable for Offices and production facilities, that have both suitable population centres and appropriate transportation links:

Company Structure:

Similarly to the cost centre structure, I will be implementing a simplified company structure that rolls up from country to region and then to global. This structure can be added to and split as the need arises, perhaps Globocom will open for business in other territories, make acquisitions or spin-off lines of business into subsidiary companies!



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