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Evaluating Sample Datasets: 'Power BI HR Sample'

Microsoft's Power BI offers an introductory tour that includes an HR data sample dashboard. While the dashboard itself may seem simplistic, the dataset powering the reports shows promise.

Key Evaluation Criteria:

Data Volume 8/10: The dataset comprises an impressive 61,843 workers, covering a timeframe of 48 months. The substantial number of workers and extensive time period offer the potential for meaningful analysis and insights.

Data Completeness 5/10: The dataset contains relevant dimensions, including assignments to business units and basic demographic information such as age, gender, and ethnic group. However, it lacks worker-manager assignments and geographic data, which could limit the depth of analysis.

Data Quality 7/10: The dataset has undergone data reduction activity by codifying gender, ethnic group, and other information. However, the dataset's presentation with one record per month per worker, instead of date-effective or start/end dated records, may impact the usability of certain analyses.

Realism and Complexity 9/10: While the dataset reflects real-world worker data, it falls short in capturing comprehensive workforce analytics elements such as compensation, employee engagement, performance, talent acquisition, and comprehensive termination data.

Data Availability 10/10: The dataset is legally and ethically available for use.


The dataset exhibits potential for basic reporting and data visualization, particularly concerning turnover analysis. However, the limited scope of the data may hinder comprehensive answers to key questions. Notably, the absence of certain data elements, such as worker-manager assignments and comprehensive termination data, could limit the analysis of critical factors, like identifying the source of "bad hires."

While this dataset offers valuable insights for specific analyses, it may not fully meet the requirements for building a comprehensive workforce analytics portfolio.



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