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Generating Data

Over the last few weeks, I have been generating data that builds towards Globocom's initial expansion and introduction to the UK and have found that it takes quite a lot of time to generate data that whilst neccessary, will not yet be seen.

So far, the addition of 93 (out of 124) workers has resulted in:

372 Requisition related records

750 Candidates

28103 Application related records

This data will eventually be very useful for analysing talent acquisition performance, rating recruitment sources, monitoring diversity through the application process and A/B testing effects of posting salary in the job ad. But these activities will not be caarried out until after the simple but robust report suite is built.

The trouble is that throughout the time spent generating data, I am not actually showing you what I can do as an analyst, within Power BI or in any other skillset.

As such I will be completing a few simpler challenges, using pre-existing datasets from areas outside the HR sphere. More info to come soon.

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